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Saturday, October 22

mental images {ding-a-ling}

For reader's workshop we learned how good readers make mental images when they read a story. I used the poem ding-a-ling by Jill Eggleton. I read it several times while the kids drew their mental image. Then we all got in a circle and shared our mental images.

 For more mental image activities click here

Thursday, April 28

mental images: green giant

We did this yesterday. They created some cute green giants. I read the poem several times while they created their mental image.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I hit up the Target dollar spot and found the perfect container to hold all of my pointers!


Tuesday, April 26

mental images

We are going to read Green Giant by Jack Prelutsky and create mental images. I'm excited about this. The green giants turn out looking oh so cute. I wrote the poem on sentence strips. I am going to have each child glue their mental image onto a sheet of construction paper along with the poem as seen here. Click below to download the poem.

Check back for the finished project


Wednesday, April 20

zoo continued . . .

Here is a cute activity my team member, Ms. Do, created. After reading The Hippo-not-amus we created a new zoo animal by combining three zoo animals. Then we discussed the adaptations. They loved it!!
This is a "on-bra-ir" It says, "Its mane protects him when he fights."
We created mental images using the poem My Neighbor's Dog is Purple. This came from Deanna Jump. And yes, they freaked when I read the last stanza and the dog was infact a crocodile. My mental images chart was inspired by Growing Kinders.
Giraffes and Zebras, too cute!
We discussed how they are similar and different.
We made alligator pie . . . and had a lot of fun with it. We read this fun poem. Glued it into our poetry journals.Interactive writing, how to make alligator pie. Then they each completed their own How to writing during writers' workshop.

It was yummy!
This is a fun syllable sorting game Deanna Jump included in her unit.

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