Tuesday, April 17

oviparous animals

Click picture to download
I used this poem (not written by me) and this book to teach my kids about oviparous animals.

Here is what we did with it . . .

We made this adorable chick from Julie Lee's Faces of the Farm activities and attached the sentence strip.

We glued the eggs poem into our science journals and illustrated oviparous animals.


Kari said...

I love the Oviparous poem! We teach oviparous animals in January with our penguin life cycle unit, but I will definitely use this next year!
Thanks for sharing!!
Kari :)

Rachel said...

Thank you for the poem. It is a great addition to all my other resources on oviparous animals!

Julie said...

Hello! Thanks SO much for mentioning our faces of the farm packet and I absolutely LOVE that you added your little sentence to fit what you were doing!! So great!!

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