Tuesday, April 26

mental images

We are going to read Green Giant by Jack Prelutsky and create mental images. I'm excited about this. The green giants turn out looking oh so cute. I wrote the poem on sentence strips. I am going to have each child glue their mental image onto a sheet of construction paper along with the poem as seen here. Click below to download the poem.

Check back for the finished project



S. Parker said...

I just love your blog. I am going to do this tomorrow. We are working on visualization. Thanks.

Amanda said...

Jessica, thanks for linking back to my blog! I made my template in such a hurry from my school computer one day, so I didn't have my regular program or clip art. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment changes mid-day! I can't wait to make it cuter next year... on my end. The kids delivered for sure. Anyway, I love your template so much more than mine! :) You have a great blog! I can't wait to see how cute the Green Giants turn out!


Jan said...

What a great project-thanks for sharing:-)

Justin said...

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