Tuesday, September 11

the first two weeks of school

The first two weeks of school of been exhausting and busy. We have been busy busy learning all our brand new routines and procedures. My class is so sweet and already have me laughing. Here is a look at what we have been up to.

We had fun with with our names. We counted the letters in our name.
 We read A my name is Alice and made this cute craft from Deanna Jump's fun with names math and literacy unit.

We rainbow dotted our names with bingo markers.
We read Chrysanthemum and graphed how many letters we have in our names.
We graphed how do you get home from school from Deanna Jump's back to school unit.
 We also graphed boys and girls in our class.
 Oh my I  am in love with Miss Viola Swamp from Julie Lee. They turned out adorable. After reading Miss Nelson is Missing we compared our class to Miss Nelson's naughty class.

We also made No David from Julie Lee and talked about being a peacemaker versus a peacebreaker.

Here our some of the anchor charts we made in class
You can read more about Mr. Potato head over here.

For those of you who have asked my PIRATE binder forms are uploaded onto TPT as a free download. Grab here and here.



Miss Kindergarten said...

You are simply wonderful! Thanks for sharing what you do!

Cupcake said...

Wowzers, you did a lot!! And I love it all!!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Lisa said...

Oh my! Your students completed so many activities in just 2 weeks! I am amazed! :) Thanks for sharing!

~ Lisa
Teaching Kindergarten Kiddos

sarah said...

I love everything you do!!! So adorable!

Cindy Calenti said...

I am so impressed... you've really been busy. Everything is amazing. Thanks for sharing (even though you must be exhausted).


Granny Goes to School

megandw said...

Super cute ideas! Your kiddos must love school:)
I just love how you display everything...so cheerful!

Miss Trayers said...

Everything is just so bright and colorful! Love all the graphing-I need to get better about that myself. :)


ESL and EFL Elementary Teacher Resources said...

How did you make the face for the boy and girl graph ?, they are so cute. I posted a link to your blog at my Facebook group: ESL/EFL Preschool Teachers. Your ideas are great for English Language Learners.

Julie said...

I love love it!! It all looks super duper cute! :)

Unknown said...

So cute! I want to be in your class

Unknown said...

These are all super cute!!! I'd love to know where the crafts came from and if you have templates. I especially love the eyes on all your crafts!

Anonymous said...

gosh-I loved all your ideas until I saw your example of Anchor charts- Especially the colors that make sense!!!! Dr. Seuss, Claude Monet and Picasso would cringe at that example. And for Goodness sakes- please let kids color outside the lines! That is where the magic happens

Llael said...

I've got to agree with Anonymous above! And add also - a tree with yellow leaves is VERY realistic! Coloring outside the lines = making your own art! Colors that don't make sense = imagination/artistry/diversity. White space and not completely colored in = shading and texture. Good grief, we're not raising inkjet printers.

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