Wednesday, May 14

flowers and plants

Next month is June! I am so excited for June! Here is a little look into some of our spring time activities. In April we spent some time learning about flowers and plants.
We attempted to grow plant pals using grass seeds. Sadly nothing grew.
The idea for the inside of this foldable came from Chalk Talk.
We read the adorable book Tops & Bottoms by Janet Stevens. My kiddos loved learning about plants and this is a great read. Chart inspiration by First Grade Fever.
We also talked about soil. Chart inspiration by Chalk Talk.
We discussed what plants need.
We soaked bean seeds over night then removed the seed coat so we could see the parts of a seed.
We started our unit with our all about plants schema chart. Chart inspiration by The First Grade Parade.
 We read lots of books about plants and made a tree map.
We loved this graph question by Julie Lee. After having a potato taste test we graphed the question, How do you eat your potatoes? I picked up baked potatoes and French fries from Wendy's.
We ended the unit with dirt cups and a little how to writing. My kids loved this!

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