Monday, February 18

Hug Machine

Have you read the Hug Machine? I have fallen in love with this delightful, funny, and oh so sweet book! This book is the perfect read aloud for the month of February. After reading the book, be sure to do this cute craft! Grab the craft here.

Saturday, February 16

Valentine's Day Cards

Celebrating Valentine's Day at school is always so much fun! Giving and receiving Valentine's Day Cards is so exciting. Here are some fun valentines for the kids to exchange at school or give to your students. The best part is you only need your printer for these cards and maybe a trip to the grocery store!

Click the pictures below to download the free Valentine's Day Cards

Sunday, January 6

wants and needs

For this unit we made a wants and needs circle map.
We completed a picture sort of needs and wants.
I love reading all the pigeon books during this unit. The pigeon books are loved by all and he wants everything! After reading some of the books we graphed our favorite pigeon book on the floor.
You can check out the unit by clicking the picture below!

Thursday, September 20

Down By The Bay

 We love singing Down By The Bay on repeat and creating our own rhymes. It's so catchy and fun to sing (especially with jazz hands). I created this little song book for my kiddos to create their own rhyme. It's one of their favorite books to read.

We did more rhyming practice in our interactive notebook.
Take a look by clicking the picture below.

Sunday, August 12

Meet the teacher treat

Meet the teacher night is fast approaching! I love meeting all of my students and their families! I especially love it when my past students come back to say hi. It is always such a fun and exciting night for everyone. Here is what I will be sending home this year. You can grab your own copy here.

Friday, August 10

Back to School!

Kindergartners grow and develop so much from August to May! Seeing this growth is so rewarding as their teacher. Here is a free activity to do at the beginning of the school year and again at the end of kindergarten. This makes a sweet end of the year keepsake! Kindergarten is such a big year!
Grab a copy here!

Monday, July 2

How things move

We started exploring how objects moved in science. At the beginning of the unit I asked everyone to bring in an object that moves. Then we took turns sharing out how each object moves. Everyone loved showing the toy they brought and how it moved. Then we sorted the objects by how they move. The kids used this venn diagram to record their findings and as a class we used two hula hoops to sort the real life objects.
Then we talked about the ways objects move. We learned that they can move quickly or slowly, in a straight or jagged line, backward or forward, upward or downward, or in circles. We made these anchor charts for all the ways objects can move.

We also discussed how objects can move fast and slow. We sorted the pictures and made this anchor chart. Motion: Push and Pull, Fast and Slow is a great book to add to your unit. We read it before sorting the objects.

For shared reading we read this book using our interactive board.
 You can find everything in my How Objects Move unit available on TPT. You can check it out here.
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