Monday, October 17

Election day is coming

election day

Election day was a lot of fun today. We read Duck for President to learn about the voting process. Then just like Duck we made mini campaign posters and paraded around the classroom trying to gain more votes. We voted on our favorite way to eat corn. Everyone got a chance to go to the ballot box and cast their vote. Then we counted the votes and announced our winner . . . caramel corn!

mini campaign posters

Here is our booth and ballot box.

They used dot markers to cast their vote.

For more Election Day activities click the picture below!


Tuesday, August 9

Summer Olympics

With the Summer Olympics going on my school is doing a "Go for the Gold" theme this school year. I plan to have this out for morning work on the first day of school. Click the picture to grab your free copy.
In May we learned all about famous Olympic athletes and started writing biographies.

We compared the Summer Olympics to the Winter Olympics using a Venn diagram.

We brainstormed words that describe Olympians and made list poems. They illustrated with their favorite Olympic sport.

My Olympic unit has been updated for the Rio Summer Olympics. Check it out on TPT.

Sunday, May 15

Aliens directed drawing

We just wrapped up our space unit. We learned all about the moon, stars, planets, and astronauts. On the last day we had some alien fun. After reading Aliens Love Underpants and Aliens in Underpants Save the World, we brainstormed a list of words that describe aliens.
Here is our bubble map of alien adjectives. The alien clip art came from Deanna Jump's alien unit.
We used our anchor chart to help us write alien list poems.

I am in love with how cute this alien directed drawing turned out. After drawing the alien they used a black crayon to outline and painted with water colors.

We also made a class book patterned after the book, Aliens Love Underpants.

For more ideas check out my space unit on TPT.

Thursday, July 16

The teaching interview

I recently accepted a job in Dallas teaching kindergarten! To get ready for my interview I made a teaching portfolio. Even if the interviewer doesn't ask to see the portfolio, you can use it as a resource when asked various questions. I filled the pages of my portfolio with all of the things that I have accomplished as a teacher. You can add student work samples, worksheets, parent notes, assessments, etc.
(just a few of the pages I put in my portfolio)
Your portfolio should give the principal a clear picture of what you can bring to the school. They should be able to imagine you and your classroom in their school.
(click the picture to view product)
If you happen to be getting ready for an interview and need a little help I put together a unit with lots of tips to get you prepared. Like what to wear to you teaching interview! Most importantly it includes 87 of the most common questions asked during a teaching interview.

Saturday, May 23

plants and bugs

Late April we began our study on plants and soil. I like to start a unit of study by charting what we wonder about. I had the kids write what they wonder about on a vegetable. I took all the vegetables and made a veggie garden.
Here is our wonder wall!
We read Dirt: The Scoop on Soil and then explored soil with cute gardening tools from the Target dollar spot and hand lenses.

Then it was onto insects. I ordered live caterpillar larva from Amazon so we could observe the life cycle of a butterfly. We watched the caterpillars grow and change into butterflies.
 We recorded our observations here. I just added this to my insect unit. You can get it here.
I also got this from Insect Lore on Amazon. They are figures that show how butterflies grow and change. I also made a mini unit to go along with this. You can find it here.
I added this to one of my morning tubs. The kids get to read a book on the butterfly life cycle. Then they get to build the life cycle using a mini anchor chart and the life cycle stages pieces. Then they get to make a mini butterfly life cycle book.
 I made one for ladybugs as well. You can find it here.
Building the ladybug life cycle
Ladybug life cycle mini book

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