Saturday, August 30

Tattle Turtle

The first week of school was packed full of learning all of our brand new rules and routines. Here is a little tattling mini lesson I gave to help the kiddos know the difference between an emergency and a tattle. We read A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue then discussed the difference between an emergency and a tattle. After our discussion we did a pocket chart sorting activity. We sang the tattle song by Harry Kindergarten. Then I introduced tattling turtle!
Click the picture to below to get your own copy of tattle turtle.

Thursday, August 21

Meet The Teacher Night and a Freebie

Tonight almost all 29 of my kinder kiddos showed up to meet me. The night was a huge success! In the summer I bought a set of lawn flamingos from Urban Outfitters for the sole purpose of . . . They are so cute! Tonight I found a purpose for my lawn flamingos! I made a photo booth out of butcher paper and streamers. I made props and used my Fujifilm instax mini to take pictures. I wanted the parents to take a picture of both me and their child. I liked the idea of sending them home with a photo of me so that when first day jitters come they can look at their picture. Each child held on to that picture like it was treasure! It was precious to see. Here are some pictures from meet the teacher.
I'm busy getting things ready for the first day of school. Click below to grab some first day of school morning work. Check back soon for my classroom reveal.

Sunday, August 10

Daily schedule and back to school with BIC

Back to school is right around the corner. It was such a good summer! I'm sad to see it end but I'm also so excited to meet my new little kindergartners! Here we go again . . .
I added two new packs to my teachers pay teachers store to help you get ready for back to school.
I keep all my books in Ikea magazine holders. Then I stick a book label on the box to help me easily find what I'm looking for.
I also updated my daily schedule. Here is a peek into my day!
I love new school years and the fresh start they bring. Have you heard about BIC's new campaign? Fight For Your Write. Find out about it here.
Look at all these goodies for writing!!
3 tips that will inspire kids to write
1. Set aside specific times during the day for kids to write and share back. You can look at my daily schedule above to see when I do it.
2. Have a variety of colorful pens, pencils and markers for kids to choose from. This gets them excited about writing.
3. Give each kid a designated area to write. This year I bought special carpet squares for each child so that they have their own designated spot to work. {carpet squares are from IKEA}
Check out BIC Fight For Your Write for more fun tips.

Monday, June 2

all about space

Today was my first day of summer vacation! It was absolutely wonderful! We spent the entire day on the lake. It is going to be a great summer!
Here is a look at some of the things we did in May.
For this moon craftivity we drew a circle and colored it in with a yellow crayon. Then we painted over the entire paper using black water colors.
All of the activities above can be found in my newest unit spectacular space!
I just had to share this precious mother's day portrait. How adorable is this drawing. Her mommy has a band and loves to sing. The labels are found in my mother's day unit right here.

Wednesday, May 14

flowers and plants

Next month is June! I am so excited for June! Here is a little look into some of our spring time activities. In April we spent some time learning about flowers and plants.
We attempted to grow plant pals using grass seeds. Sadly nothing grew.
The idea for the inside of this foldable came from Chalk Talk.
We read the adorable book Tops & Bottoms by Janet Stevens. My kiddos loved learning about plants and this is a great read. Chart inspiration by First Grade Fever.
We also talked about soil. Chart inspiration by Chalk Talk.
We discussed what plants need.
We soaked bean seeds over night then removed the seed coat so we could see the parts of a seed.
We started our unit with our all about plants schema chart. Chart inspiration by The First Grade Parade.
 We read lots of books about plants and made a tree map.
We loved this graph question by Julie Lee. After having a potato taste test we graphed the question, How do you eat your potatoes? I picked up baked potatoes and French fries from Wendy's.
We ended the unit with dirt cups and a little how to writing. My kids loved this!


Tuesday, April 15

all about weather

 We loved learning all about weather . . . especially twisters! We made a giant twister inspired by First Grader at Last. After reading all about tornadoes we charted our new learning on sticky notes and added them to our twister.
Another great idea by First Grader at Last . . . torn paper tornadoes. We used old magazines to tear up pieces of dark paper, glued the paper into a funnel shape, and added glitter.

Then we learned all about clouds. We went outside and observed clouds in the sky and then brainstormed a list of adjectives to describe clouds. We used the adjectives to write cloud list poems.
This cute little chart was inspired by the one Cara made over at The First Grade Parade.
At the beginning of our unit we created this wonder wall and followed up with our own individual I wonder research form. The kids ask their own questions and find the answers on their research form.

 I love this ROY G BIV craft. I do it every year! 
We learned about tools to measure weather. Chart inspired by Today in First Grade.
Our weather words!
Be sure and check out April's posts on weather over at Chalk Talk. She has great ideas. The weather words circle map came from her.
We read the book The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins and discussed wind. I brought in my hair dryer to show how wind moves.
For more weather ideas check out my all about weather unit here!

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