Tuesday, May 31

Pirate Party

Last Friday we had a pirate party. It was a big hit!! We all dressed up like pirates and said "Aaargh" all day long. I used Babbling Abby's Learing /ar/ with Pirate Mark mini unit on TpT to teach the /ar/ sound. You really should add it to your collection. We went on a treasure hunt for "ar" words I had hidden throughout the room. The treasure was a chest filled with candy bars.Babbling Abby also included a t-shirt how to. Unfortunately my printer ate up all of my iron-on transfer paper. Here's my crew! Don't mind my funky looking bandana.

Yummy pirate cupcakes made by my wonderful room mom (going to miss her).
And we learned why pirates wore an eye patch . . . so cool! Inspiration by Deanna Jump.


Friday, May 27

Seahorses and how to writing

Only 4 more days left of school!!! Wishing today was our last day. Today we had a pirate party. We all dressed up like pirates, found out why pirates wore eye patches, had a treasure hunt for /ar/ words, and ate the yummiest and cutest pirate cupcakes. Thanks to Deanna Jump and Babbling Abby for all the fabulous ideas. I'll post pictures soon.
until then . . .
seahorse bubble map

They made seahorses using tissue paper and a glue and water mixture as paste. You can find this in Mrs. Jump's ocean unit.

Seahorse writing sample

We also made sand pudding. The kids loved it!
Interactive writing

How to make sand pudding writing sample

You can download this activity here! It makes a great end of year activity.


Thursday, May 26

whales and sharks

We've been learning all about the orca whale and the great white shark. My kids are fascinated with the great white shark.

our schema chart.
Using the patterns from Mrs. Jump's ocean unit we made orca whales and sharks. Then we used a venn diagram to sort all the new information we learned.

Shark writing sample
We also graphed our favorite ocean animal and analyzed the data.

You can get the graphing activity here.


Wednesday, May 25

I know an old Lady . . . flow map

We read There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell and made a flow map to sequence what she swallowed. Love doing this! Idea from Growing Kinders. If you would like a copy click the picture below.


Monday, May 23

pirates and ocean

Only 7 more days left of school!! I am so ready for summer vacation. We are still busy learning over here. We had fun with pirates and now we are learning all about the ocean. Today we learned about sharks.
This is my pocket chart station for the week. You can download it here. Just be sure to print 8 sets of the words.

Shark tree map
The pirate activities are from Deanna Jump's pirate unit. We went through the writing process together using a bubble map, story map, and then wrote a fiction story about being a pirate. Everyone came up with some creative stories. Then they made pirates using a glph. They turned out looking just darling. We also made sharks and followed up with non-fiction writing.


Thursday, May 19


Along with aliens I added Babbling Abby's astronaut unit. After reading lots of books about space and astronauts we made a tree map about astronauts. Each child had to write one fact on a sticky note and place it under the correct linking word. My low kids drew a picture.
Then we took all that information and created sentences using the linking words.

Then we completed astronaut applications and made astronauts.
We also sang and danced to the purple people eater song. Then we made spaceships and painted purple people eaters. This idea was inspired by Deanna Jump. If you would like the sentence prompt and number sentence prompt click one of the pictures below.

We graphed if you would like to live on the moon and analyzed the data.


Tuesday, May 17

how to writing and write the room

Have you made sand pudding before? It is easy to make, yummy, and looks like the real stuff. Use this activity for interactive writing with your kiddos. Then have your kiddos write their own how to writing. Click the picture below to download.
Use the activity below for write the room. Have your kiddos write a word for each letter. Click the picture below to download.


Monday, May 16


This is such a fun unit for the end of the year. Run, don't walk to buy Deanna Jump's Alien unit. It is super cute. You will not be disappointed, I promise.

They had to put the poem in order and illustrate it.
We read the book, Aliens love underpants, made aliens and finished the writing prompt, "If an alien came to visit . . ."

Alien bubble map

We used the bubble map and linking words to write sentences.

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