Wednesday, March 4

dental health

We made it to March! We are so close to spring break! We wrapped up February with some dental health fun. I used this unit to teach my kids about dental health. I added a few more extras. So if you already have this unit be sure and go download the unit again.
In our science journals we recorded four ways to keep our teeth and gums healthy. We talked about brushing, flossing, rinsing, and going to the dentist.
Then we spent some time learning all about the dentist. We read this book and then made a circle map to help us organize all of our new learning.
We did a fun science experiment to help us learn that gas has mass and takes up space.  To help the kids visualize gas taking up space I gave each child a balloon and told them to blow into the balloon three times.
Here is what we learned. You can grab this simple science experiment from my all about heat unit.

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