Wednesday, October 9

Spider Fun!

Aaaarrgghh, Spider! is a cute book about a spider that tries to convince his chosen family that he makes a great pet but just ends up frightening the family. Here is a fun book companion for after reading the story. We did a math survey: Do you think a spider will make a good pet? Then we made these fun spider headbands. I had the kids illustrate the characters and setting. 

We read many nonfiction books, including this one, to learn how spiders differ from insects, how they catch their food, what they eat, and where they live. We marked the marked the pages that we wanted to return to with a WOW sticky note. 

Here are two different  ways you can organize all your new learning after reading spider books. We made a circle map and a tree map. These learning maps help us write spider facts to add to the giant spider web. Gail Gibbons is my very favorite author for any nonfiction unit study. 

Learning how spiders differ from insects and labeling the body parts. 
You can find a print and go version of the circle map in my spider unit!

Check out the whole spider unit here!

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