Thursday, March 24

Farm stuff

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We have our kindergarten field trip next week. We will be traveling to the farm. I love that we get to spend time in school learning all about the farm and then go milk cows and ride horses. In the meantime I created a farmer tree map and a data recording sheet to use after you graph your favorite farm animal.

click the picture below to download

Click the picture below to download

* I realized that the coins I made were too large, so I shurnk them down to be used as a pie graph.



Michele said...

I just discovered your blog! Thank you SOOOO much for sharing! Love all your creative ideas. Keep em' coming! I am now a follower!

p.s. I am a grad of BYUHawaii, not the same but sort of!:)

Anonymous said...

Great Stuff!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

mcd said...

Thank you for sharing all of your great ideas!

Anonymous said...

This is so great. Thank you so much.

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