Friday, July 29

math tubs

In my classroom I have 6 math tubs. I use two sterilite 3-drawer medium carts. Each tub is labeled with a different colored domino face. You will find the same colored domino faces in various spots in my room. They would be hanging from the ceiling but my ceiling is crazy high. I have eight groups of two to three kids. Also included in my math stations are science and puzzles. The group cards and domino faces are put in a target dollar spot mini pocket chart. Everyday before math stations I rotate the domino faces. The kids know to grab their matching tub and go to the correct spot in the room. My kids are so good at this that by the end of the year I could call on a child to rotate the station board. One kid gets the tub and the others go to their assigned spot in the room. Sorry no pictures to share. You will have to wait until August when I get in my room. I do have these to share.
For this activity just laminate and provide the manipulatives.

 Copy onto colored card stock and laminate. Kids will place the correct number of manipulatives onto the mat. Or they could clip on clothes pins. You could even cut them apart and make it into a puzzle.

My six tubs are filled with activities for:
sorting and patterning
counting and matching
time and money
adding and subtracting

When it is time to clean up I push play on my CD player (There is always a Dr. Jean CD in there) and the room has to be cleaned, bodies on the carpet, and bubbles in mouths when the song stops. I also have a child in charge of turning on the CD player.

Don't you love how kids create new classroom jobs. Saves me so much time.


I added pirate themed number cards to here and here.



MrsBales said...

Just started following your blog! This is my first year of teaching Kindergarten...thanks for all the great printables and ideas!

Amy said...

I like how you set up your tubs and groups. I am going to do math tubs this year and I've been searching for a way to organize them. Your way is so simple! Thanks for the idea!

Angela Wageman said...

I am loving your blog and I am so glad to have found it! I love the creativity. I can see I have some catching up to do!
Angela Just Love Teaching!

Kelly :) said...


I love your blog :) I am a grade 1 teacher and I would sure love a set of the cards that go all the way to 20... Any chance you might make them one day?


Shawn Toy said...

Hello! I was wondering if you had any activities available for number sense, numbers 0-10? Thank you!

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