Monday, August 22

First day of school and class pics

The much anticipated first day of school has come and gone. I have a classroom jam packed with new little cuties. I have 25 kids in my class. Today was exhausting. I left the school Friday with 21 on my list and showed up to 25 kids. Not prepared for that at all. We spent the day learning about our new school, rules, and procedures.

I read a book all about me and the kids had to help me fill in the bubble map. One of my little girls said I look beautiful. Had to add that to the bubble map.
Deanna Jump inspired

Here are some more pictures of my finsished classroom.
The pirates are from a set of pirate wall stickers I found at Michaels.

My science focus board is also in this post.

Word helpers from The First Grade Parade

Shedule cards are also from The First Grade Parade. I just made a few that she did not include.



Gina said...

I looooove your thinking map ideas and poka dots!

Takara said...

The polka dots are to DIE for!!!! Can you take a picture of your Dr. Science board it looks so cute but I can't see it all the way! Glad you had a great first day.

Courtney said...

Every thing is so cute! You are the perfect kindergarten teacher. love all the pirates and polka dots!

SAS said...

Your room is adorable! I love your treasured work area!
Kindergarten Korner

Busy Bees said...

Love all of the polka dots. I think we both came from the same mold. Polka dots, pirates, etc. Ha, ha!! Have a great school year!!

Jessica said...

Takara, I linked my science focus board.

Katie Mense said...

OMG!!! You are absolutely amazing!!! Your room is phenomenal!!! Cutest ever!!! ♥ it! I want to come and visit!!!;)
Little Warriors

Sarabeth said...

your room is adorable! hope you have a great year!

Anonymous said...

Do you have the schedule cards that you made available? I would love to use them. Jenn

TPSMilkyWay6 said...

Hi there, just discovered your fab blog! how do you find the time to make all these fantastic resources?

Was wondering if I could please have a copy of your Friday Reader notice - what a great idea!

thanks so much!

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