Sunday, January 8

Wintery fun

From the time the bell rings to about 8:30 we do morning tub stations at our desks. This is my time for intervention and housekeeping. I have five tables so the activities rotate five times. Here are some of the things we worked on last week.
Counting by 2's

Winter clothing matching

sight word practice

All of the above station activities can be found in my Wintery fun unit.

We made a bubble map of things we see in the Winter and then made sentences. This is also a station activity. I cut the sentences up and had them build the sentences and match the picture cards. The already made words, pictures, and recording sheet are also in my Wintery fun unit.

Snow schema chart

Winter clothing circle map as a follow up to The Jacket I wear in the Snow (also in the unit).

The first day back from break we graphed what time we went to sleep on New Year's eve. I downloaded the fun title and party hats last year. It is from Brooke Perry at Primary Perspective.

Enjoy your week!


Rachelle said...

That graph is so cute! I've looked all over Kathleen's site and can't seem to find it.... is there any chance you could send it to me?

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Love the graph! It all looks usual!! =)
First Grade Blue SKies

Rachelle said...

Nevermind, I found it, It's from Primary Perspective :)

Jessica said...

Rachelle, I found it too and was just about to tell you :)

Mrs. Patton said...

SO cute! I'm adding this to my wish list on TPT :)

Colleen Patton
Mrs. Patton’s Patch

Erin Eberhart said...

How did I miss this New Year's unit last year!? Your chart on the big party hat looks presh! I'm def pinning this for next year! :)
Eberhart’s Explorers

Rachelle said...

Thank you for the wonderful idea! We made the graph today and my students loved it. You can see it on my blog and I've linked up to your site :)


Primary Junction said...

I am sharing the Versatile Blogger Award with you! Hop on over to my blog to pick up the button and get the rules!

Primary Junction

applesandabcs said...

You are so creative! I love your blog!!!!

Apples and ABC's

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