Monday, March 12


We used Mrs. Jump's America unit in February to help us learn about George and Abe and the American symbols. 
Chit-Chat message about George Washington

Circle maps for Abe and George to record all our new learning

We compared and contrasted George and Abe using the venn diagram. We made George Washington from The First Grade Parade. Get instructions here. The darling Lincolns are from Amy Lemons. Grab it here.

More chit-chat messages from Mrs. Jump

We made bald eagles by tracing our hands and feet. Here is another thinking map we used to organize our thinking.

American Symbols tree map
This was completed throughout the week using interactive writing.

Here are some of the books we read throughout the week



Unknown said...

Love your eagles!
First Grade Blue SKies

Tangelia C. said...

cute ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Erica said...

Precious ideas. :) I wold love for you to visit my blog sometime, if you are interested. I am in TX, too.


Sprinkles to Kindergarten

Sarah Paul said...

Everything looks great!
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Cupcake said...

I love the chit-chat message idea!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Justin said...

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Unknown said...

Do you have a chit-chat anchor chart for Abraham Lincoln??? I would love to use it!

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