Friday, May 4

cinco de mayo, earth day, and my farm unit

We made sombreros for Cinco de Mayo using paper scraps and dot markers. Then we attached them to a sentence strip to wear throughout the day.

For Earth day we made this chart and added all of the things we can do to take care of the earth. Then they made this little craftivity. You can download the writing here.

I also finished up this unit. I just uploaded it to TPT. Check it out here.



Just Wild About Teaching said...

Love the sombreros!! Saw it on pinterest... I am now your newest follower...drop by. =)

Lindsey Deitch - McKinney, TX said...

Thank you so much for posting this fun sombrero idea. I teach preschool Spanish enrichment and I am using it this week with my classes for Cinco de Mayo. I had 100 preschoolers walking around the school yesterday with their own sombrero creations on their heads. So cute and everyone loved it! I appreciated that the project was not "cookie-cutter" and each child could make the hat his/her own. Thanks again!

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