Friday, August 24

Teacher Week Freebie Friday

Setting up a classroom after attending professional development all day is exhausting! I am all set for Monday. I am so excited to get to know and teach all my new little kiddos.I met most Thursday at our meet the teacher night and they are all adorable.  I have some good freebies for you to use in your classroom.

First here is a peek into my classroom.


Freebie for ya!
Supply labels can be found here or click the picture below.
 This is my brand new painted purple wall. It is so bright and pretty. I love it! Last year it was covered in yellow butcher paper. Once I get my final class list I can put their names up.

Tissue paper pom pom how to instructions from here. They are super easy to make and look so good up! They hang above each table.

Freebie for ya!
Reward your class behavior with this simple management technique. Grab it here or click the picture below. This spin on brownie points came from one extra degree.

I added rewards on the back of each cupcake. When my baking sheet is filled with cupcakes I let a child pick any cupcake. We flip it over and read the back. The next day we get to have the reward. Desk friend allows them to bring a stuffed animal from home to sit on their table top all day.
Here is one of my new station labels. I am putting together a little pack of station icons and labels for your room with I can statements for differentiation. It will be posted very soon.

Laundry basket idea from the very creative first grade blue skies.



Busy Bees said...

Your room always looks so cute! Thanks for the freebies!!

Amanda said...

Very cute room......I wish we could paint our walls. Thanks for the sweet behavior freebie. I was getting ready to make something like that for my class, but now I am printing yours!

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

I love the supply baskets!! (thanks for the shout out! =)
First Grade Blue SKies

Sara Soucy said...

Your room looks awesome! I love the colored walls. For your "bus, car, after care" chart, do you use clothespins? I just made one for my room and the clothespins are too heavy. I don't know what to use!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Bilingual Scrapbook said...

Love your room! Thank you so much for the freebies!

Mrs. Cupcake said...

I have those supply baskets!! Super cute labels :)
A Cupcake for the Teacher

megandw said...

Love your room! So cute and colorful!
I can't wait to use the sweet behavior plan:) THanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Your little ones will love their classroom! Thanks for sharing your pics and ideas. Have a great school year!

~ Lisa
Teaching Kindergarten Kiddos

Lovely Nina said...

Love your room design, and cute signs!! Looking good!

Victoria Portnoy said...

I really love your supply baskets, and I'm completely in love with that Font. What is it?

Mrs. Richardson said...

I loved your labels on your baskets with the clothes pins! I pinned them on Pinterest and then traced them back to you! I shared it on my blog today! ANNNDDD!!!! I used to teach in Katy!!! :)
Mrs. Richardson's Class

Kayla Covey said...

I love your supply labels! I was wondering if you had blank editable copies that you could send me. I need to make ones that say ruler, highlighters, etc.

Beth M said...

I also love your baskets. Was wondering where you got them, as I've been looking and cannot seem to find them. Thanks.

Jessica said...

I got the baskets from the dollar tree!

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