Sunday, November 11


Seriously a week and two days left until Thanksgiving break! Time needs to slow down. Here is a peek at our pumpkin study. Here is our very own Pumpkin Jack. He sits in our courtyard. We voted on how to carve Jack. You can see how we did it here.

We have been recoding our observations of Jack in our science journals.
We also used Pumpkin Jack to learn the life cycle of the pumpkin. Here is the craft we did.
We read the biggest pumpkin ever and compared the two main characters Clayton and Desmond.

                                                                  Pumpkin brace map

We labeled the parts of a pumpkin together and then they drew a pumpkin in their science journal and labeled the parts.
 We used our five senses to describe the outside of the pumpkin. We wrote the adjectives on sticky notes and put them on our pumpkin. Then we cut the pumpkin open and described the inside.
We compared apples to pumpkins.
Look what I found at IKEA! He is perfect for counting syllables and stretching words.


Ms. Simoneaux said...

I love your top in the last picture! So cute!

Busy Bees said...

All of your stuff looks awesome, as always! Wish I lived closer to an IKEA!

Chrissy said...

Most important comment...where is ur shirt from? My class is the penguins;)

Mrs. Anderson said...

Your pumpkin anchor charts are great! I like how the kids put their post-its on your real pumpkin.
Connie Anderson:)

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