Friday, August 2

end of the year gifts

I've started getting ready for the upcoming school year. I have one week left of summer vacation. Before all that starts up again here is a quick look at what I sent my kiddos home with on the last day of school.
We made this cutie graduation kid. I love this keepsake and so do the parents.
This year for end of the year gifts I went to home depot and had 12 by 12 white boards cut from shower board panels. Then I free handed their names using paint pens. It was a big hit!


Amanda said...

I love your white boards as a gift! Need to take some lessons to be able to free hand like that though! :)

A Very Curious Class

Tammy said...

Those are sweet. I love that you can draw all those names like that. People tell me I should have a font named after me, so I can appreciate your talent!
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Lovely Nina said...

WOW-these white boards are amazing--your handwriting is awesome! I'm sure the kids loved them!

Anonymous said...

I am trying to make personalized white boards for my students as well...I tried to use sharpies but it comes off if you write over it with a dry erase marker...what kind of paint pens did you use? and is it permanent or can it just scrape off?

Anonymous said...

I did this for my 4 year old kindergarten class, and they really loved it. I put a little paper on the back that said, "You can't erase these memories." I included the grade, school, and year.


Hannah Widrick said...

What type of paint pen did you use? Is it permanent? Thanks!

Justin said...

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