Sunday, February 2

Researcher's workshop

We started a mini inquiry unit on Antarctica during our penguin study. My kids loved exploring this continent. I wanted my kids to be able to ask questions and wonder about information. I also wanted them to be able to read with a question in mind. I modeled how to ask a question and how to record the answer. Then I got my kids to ask their own questions and find the answers. I listed the questions on our chart below.
Now the kids are ready to ask questions and wonder about information.
This one says, "I wonder if whales live in Antarctica?"
Here is one of our read-alouds we used to learn new information.
  Grab your own copy of the research form below.


Ruthanne said...

Love this! Thank you so much for the freebie!

Steph said...

Do you mind sharing a little more about your research process? I really like how you've approached research for young learners!


obat tradisional maag said...

its nice for referensi :)

Justin said...

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