Tuesday, December 23

science tools

Early in September I introduced my students to what is a scientist and the tools a scientist uses. Here are some of the activities we did. All of the activities can be found in my science tools unit. One of our very first entries into our science journal was to illustrate what a scientist does.
Our science word wall
Some great books to read
We completed this bubble map after reading the book What is a scientist?
This science reader is in my unit. We used it to practice reading left to right and tracking words.
For this science journal entry the kids drew the science tool underneath the flap.


Becky said...

This looks like a great unit! I loved teaching science and using science journals! So glad so many other teachers realize the importance in science and how much fun it can be!!

Donna said...

Thank you for all the great ideas! I love how you do your science journals!

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