Sunday, February 8

a circus themed science fair

Remember this post all about matter and heat energy? For science fair we put on an expo to show off all of the things we learned about heat energy. I sent this note home with the kids in their PIRATE binder.
With the help of classroom parents we did five heat experiments in the classroom. All circus themed!
1. popping popcorn in an air popper
2. melting chocolate
3. melting caramel
4. making cotton candy
5. making ice cream with liquid nitrogen
The kids in my classroom and parents dressed up too. We had the cutest little tight rope walkers, lions, and clowns. I dressed up like a circus ring leader.
You needed a ticket to enter the circus. To earn a ticket you had to answer a science question. Then you got a recording sheet, pencil, and a clipboard. If you already bought my All About Heat Unit I just added this recording sheet and the questions.
Here are the tables for the experiments.


frasico022 said...

Wow you have shared amazing experiment ideas in your blog for kids. I will share these unique ideas with my son class teacher of Phoenix pre-k. She is really understanding and she do everything that is in favour of kids. I really appreciate her hard work and love for all kids.

Marissa said...

Came across a picture on Pinterest with one of your images from your blog on "how to color"?
It puzzled me why it was created for kindergarteners.
In Arizona, we have a different initiative for children that is actually going to be rolling out nationwide. I encourage you
to check out
Thank you!

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