Monday, February 14

Happy V Day!

Were your kiddos CRAZY today? Here are some of the activities we did today.
We graphed the colors of conversation hearts in our box. Head on over to The Inspired Apple to grab this activity. Luckily someone brought candy hearts to pass out.
Then we graphed the letters in our conversation heart. I bought a huge box of stick on hearts to use for different activities.
graph labels
And if you still have conversation hearts lying around here is another activity. Give each child a heart and have them answer the questions.
How many letters are in your heart?
And oh yes, I had to make these darling valentines for my kiddos. Big hit, they loved it!
For our party we passed out valentines. Each child decorated a box with their family at home. It was fun seeing what they came up with. Check this box out!
I had two stations, cookie decorating and a craft. The cookies looked delicious.
Let the countdown to Spring Break begin!!

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