Tuesday, November 1

bats, poetry journals, and clip art

We spent a couple of days learning about bats. Here is one of our chit-chat messages. We brainstormed words for the -at word family. Sang BBBBBBBbatman, and CCCCCCCatman by changing out the beginning consonant.
I pulled out one of my reading comprehension posters (Kim Adsit style) I made over the summer to use with some non fiction reading. This was great for reinforcing question words and asking questions. A skill kindergartners need a lot of practice with.

I love everything Gail Gibbons.

We practiced non fiction writing and made these cute little bats.
This was hard work for my little kinders. But we have a motto, "We can do hard stuff!" I love hearing them say that while they work.

Spider Poems for our poetry journals. We are starting to butter the popcorn words and underline chunks.

This is one of the activities we are doing for morning work stations this week. Look how cute they turned out.

You can download the recording sheet and spinner by clicking the picture below. This sheet was inspired by Deanna Jump. I found the pumpkin pieces at Target.

The cute pumpkin clip art is from my brother Andy. He is super talented and just opened up a Teachers Notebook store for clip art. Did you happen to notice that new feature? I requested a set of pumpkins. Go check out his store School Art on Teachers Notebook


Chrissy said...

Tomorrow, I'll be chanting "We can do hard work"! Thanks for sharing your classroom!


Megan said...

great ideas, as always. Any chance you'd be able to share the spider poem downloads? I'd love to have them for next year.

Justin said...

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