Monday, November 7

pumpkins and the 50th day of school

Before we carved our pumpkin we brainstormed a list of adjectives that describe the outside of the pumpkin. When we carved it we came up with a whole new set of words that describe the inside.

We surveyed how to carve our pumpkin. This idea was a mesh of Cara Carroll and Babbling Abby. This was completed as we carved.

We saved all the seeds for some math activities. We estimated how many seeds we thought were in the pumpkin. Then we made groups of ten and counted by tens to find the grand total.

Then everyone got to go home with their own pumpkin seeds. This cute pumpkin seeds label came from Babbling Abby over at The Inspired Apple.

We read Pumpkin Jack and watched Jack decompose. We recorded our observations in our science journals.

pumpkin life cycle
Inspired by Juile Lee. I had my kids draw the pictures for each stage. The pumpkin was provided for them to color.

labeling parts of a pumpkin in our science journal

We celebrated the 50th day of school! This year is flying by. We learned the hand jive, listened to 50's rock n roll on Pandora. Looked at real records and made these super cute records I saw on Deanna Jump's blog last year.

Cara Carroll from The First Grade Parade came up with the most adorable 50's art project. My kids LOVED this! We used our then and now pocket chart sorting activity from Eberhart's Explorers to help us with the writing part.


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Unknown said...

Hi Jessica!
I know this post was from quite a while ago, but I came across it while looking up different decomposing activities! This looks awesome! :) I am a second grade teacher, and last year we watched a pumpkin decompose. My kids LOVED it, and it was so much fun, but I think it could have gone better...I wasn't sure the best way to safely and easily watch the pumpkin decompose. So! My question to you, if you get this, is did it work well to have the pumpkin in that clear plastic tub/tupperware container that you used?? It looks good in there in the picture! If you have any ideas or advice, I would love to hear it! :)
Miss Saunders

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