Tuesday, February 19

100th Day recap

The 100th Day of school was lots of fun! The day was filled with everything 100. I suprised my kiddos with this super cool 100th day banner. I found the letters in the Target dollar spot last year.
I love these 100 year old people inspired by Deanna Jump. They always turn out so darling.
100 gumballs in a gumball machine inspired by Julie Lee.
The following items can be found in my 100th day of school unit on TPT.
putting fruit loops in groups of ten for necklaces
This is one of the class books we made. I can eat 100 . . . We also made one for I can not eat 100 . . . and If I had $100 dollars . . .
Check out the whole unit here



Miss H said...

It looks like you guys had a fun 100th day celebration!
I like how your 100 year old people turned out! Cute!

Miss H.
Little Miss Hood's Adventures in Kindergarten

Cindy Calenti said...

Oh my... it looks like you had a blast celebrating the 100th day. I really like the sorting Fruit Loops into groups of 10 for a necklace. I also LOVE your people. What a fun day!

Granny Goes to School

Barbara Balius said...


It was to great to meet you today at the 'meet-up' I only wish that we had spoken more! I hope that we can all get together again VERY soon.

Barbara Balius

Justin said...

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