Thursday, March 7


Here are a few of the activities we did in February for dental health. Plenty of graphs and analyzing the data. Here we graphed have you ever had a cavity?
 Brush your teeth poem  for our poetry journals.
 Bubble map of ways to take care of your teeth and have a big happy smile.
 We sorted foods into healthy and not healthy.

I used the book Silverlicious to discuss how characters change. Then we used it to discuss character traits. We worked on finding evidence from the text. I got the cute Pinkalicious clipart from here.

You can find the activities above in my tooth unit.  



Erica said...

Ilove all you do, Jessica! I wish I could work with you!

Christina Bainbridge said...

...are the grossest part of being a teacher.

Oh wait... we weren't supposed to finish your blog title with our own ending were we?

Hahaha! Looks like fun! Makes me miss teaching 1st graders!

*Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge*

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