Monday, March 11

the wild west

I'm on spring break and loving it! In March we always learn about our great state. We spend time talking about the state symbols, important people, the capital, cowboys and cowgirls. It is one of my favorite units to teach. Here is a freebie for you. I had the kids roll out a snake using play-doh then measure it with cubes. I followed up with this recording sheet. You can grab it here or just click the picture below.
We read Armadillo Rodeo by Jan Brett and talked about the story elements using this story map I made on a giant boot.
After reading many books on cowboys we organized all our new leanring with this cowboy tree map.

This was our pocket chart activity for the week. We spent time learning about cowboy clothing.
 For word work we worked on making Texas words with magnetic letters and stamps.
 We made many western themed class books that we have been reading in class.
We learned what cowboys wear and why. This is our circle map of cowboy clothing.
We learned about Texas regions and the types of landforms in each region.

I added many updates to my wild west unit. Go check it out here.



Cindy Calenti said...

This is a great study unit. Your activities, anchor chart, and patterned reading pocket chart are adorable!

Thanks for sharing.

Granny Goes to School

vicky1970 said...

I love all your cowboy stuff! Makes me want to live in Texas. :o) Especially since we had an earthquake here in CAli yesterday. Very cute...enjoy your break - I'm looking forward to ours in a few weeks. :o)
Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

mohammad ahad said...

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Erica said...

I just bought this unit last week. :) I will use it next week when we return from Spring Break! Thanks for always sharing such fabulous ideas. :)

Sprinkles to Kindergarten

Jennifer said...

How cute!

Rowdy in First Grade

Karen Stamp said...

SO FUN!! Thanks for the cute freebie too!
Karen :o)
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

Shauntrell Thomas said...

YOU ROCK! You are the reason why i think teachers should be paid the same way athletes are paid! WHOOOO hooooo way to go! Im a home daycare owner and i love blogs like these they help me with my lesson plans!

Justin said...

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