Wednesday, May 8

Celebrate the Earth!

We had a lot of fun celebrating the Earth with The Lorax. We made this adorable Lorax art from prek and k sharing to wrap up our learning.
 We made dirt cups to celebrate the earth and did a little how to writing. These were so yummy!
We made a class book about what the earth gives us. This idea came from Chalk Talk.
After reading The Lorax we talked about how characters change. We added an entry into our reader's workshop journal about how the Once-ler changed.
We added this song to our poetry journal and wrote about how we could make the earth glitter.
We also did some Lorax math. I got the idea to set up our math problems like this from Kim Adsit.



LoveN3rdgrade said...


lola said...

Adorable! I love this. I pinned it so I can do it with my little learners next year.
Preschool Wonders

Ali Blake said...

I love your ideas and activities! I am about to graduate and am moving to Houston to teach Kindergarten in the fall. You are my teacher inspiration!

Ruby @PhD Jobs said...

The activities were really great and educational! I can see that everybody has participated and enjoyed your classroom activity. Great job! I’m glad that students take part in valuing the treasures of Mother Nature. They really are the future leaders and kudos to all teachers who taught them well. Have a nice day!

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