Wednesday, June 19


Summer has arrived! I plan to update in the next few days all of the things we did up until the last day of school. First up . . . weather!
We made wind socks to observe wind direction and movement. We illustrated the wind socks with the types of weather.

We made ROY G. BIV to help us remember the order of the colors in the rainbow.

We learned all about clouds then had a little fun writing our sight words in "clouds."
We read, shapes in the sky, then we went outside and observed the clouds. Then we brainstormed adjectives that described the different types of clouds. We used our anchor chart to make cloud list poems and made these clouds and attached rainbow colored crepe paper.
We made cloud flip books. I had the kids create cumulus, cirrus, and stratus clouds out of cotton balls and label them in their books! You can get this download here from Crazy for First Grade. I saw this idea on The First Grade Parade.


Love, Luck and Laughter said...

I love your shaving cream clouds! I love making learning fun for the kids!

StateOfLatex said...

I enjoy your blog! Very Good Job to kids are the future leaders!! Students are lucky to have a teacher like you.
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