Tuesday, November 5

pumpkins and bats

October flew by.  November is here and I can't believe it. I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving break. This teacher is tired. Here are some of the activities we did with pumpkins and bats.
We were little scientists and went through the scientific method. We asked the question, "Will a pumpkin sink or float?" Then we graphed our hypothesis. We surveyed 10 friends to find out what they think.
Grab the recording sheet by clicking the picture.

The next two ideas are from Kim Adsit. Pumpkin brace map using shared writing.
Practicing non fiction pumpkin writing after reading lots of books about pumpkins.

Comparing apples and pumpkins.
The following two bat activities are from Kim Jordano.

Bat tree map idea from Babbling Abby.
We practiced asking questions about bats.
Echolocation song written by Mrs. Jones. Sung to the tune of you are my sunshine.


We Teach Like A Rockstar said...

What a fabulous post. I am going to "PIN" it all so I have it for next year. Thanks for sharing! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks

Mrs. M said...

Love these ideas! Do you have a template for the non- fiction pumpkin writing? I am in LOVE & would like to do that next week :)

thank- you!

MTR Gaming Launches Innovative Online said...

really it's a fabulous post...i love your ideas..

Anonymous said...

Your table looks familiar, I ended up putting the exact same contact paper on my circle table! How is yours holding up? My kinders like to pick the edges...

Brighton Kinders

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