Tuesday, December 10

needs and wants

I have had this blog post just sitting as an unfinished draft for a while now. I am finally getting around to publishing it! In November we worked on needs and wants. Although this unit is Thanksgiving themed it will work for anytime of the year.
We read different versions of The Three Little Pigs and compared the story elements. Then we did this craftivity. They got to pick what material (straw, wood, bricks) they would build their house out of. I used straw, mini craft sticks, and sponges dipped in red paint. Then they finished the sentence prompt, "I built my house out of . . ."

Then we made a kindergarten neighborhood. The kids did this all on their own. First we looked at different types of shelters all over the world. Then they drew a shelter with a black crayon. They painted their shelter using water colors.
I read all the pigeon books by Mo Willems to teach needs and wants. The books are so fun to read and the kids love them. I also used the Pigeon Perfect unit by Sarah Cooley. The kids made the pigeons using blue paper scraps.
After learning about needs and wants we discussed how do people get what they need or want. We discussed saving and spending money. So then I let them save up pretend money for good behavior and doing class jobs. Then they spent their money on different craft items to "stuff" their thanksgiving turkey.


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The Science School Yard said...

I love your blog and have missed you. Glad to see your back. Great idea again! Happy Holidays!

Renee from Science School Yard

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