Tuesday, December 24

Christmas is coming! ^^post just a little late^^

If you are in need of something quick and easy to give your kids for the holidays here are a few ideas. In the past I have given them reindeer noses, elf pillows, and Grinch dust. You will need milk duds or whoopers and cherry sours for reindeer noses. For elf pillows grab a bag of soft peppermint puffs. I give out Grinch dust on Grinch day. Just a bag of green sprinkles. To get your own labels just click the pictures below! or here!


My kids make these cute reindeer ornaments for their parents.
I like to read this book to my class before the holidays.
Then we did this little text to self connection readers response sheet. Click here to grab a copy!
^^^^I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!!^^^^

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