Sunday, August 10

Daily schedule and back to school with BIC

Back to school is right around the corner. It was such a good summer! I'm sad to see it end but I'm also so excited to meet my new little kindergartners! Here we go again . . .
I added two new packs to my teachers pay teachers store to help you get ready for back to school.
I keep all my books in Ikea magazine holders. Then I stick a book label on the box to help me easily find what I'm looking for.
I also updated my daily schedule. Here is a peek into my day!
I love new school years and the fresh start they bring. Have you heard about BIC's new campaign? Fight For Your Write. Find out about it here.
Look at all these goodies for writing!!
3 tips that will inspire kids to write
1. Set aside specific times during the day for kids to write and share back. You can look at my daily schedule above to see when I do it.
2. Have a variety of colorful pens, pencils and markers for kids to choose from. This gets them excited about writing.
3. Give each kid a designated area to write. This year I bought special carpet squares for each child so that they have their own designated spot to work. {carpet squares are from IKEA}
Check out BIC Fight For Your Write for more fun tips.


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Shawn Toy said...

Do you have the link to the carpet squares by chance? I can't find them on the IKEA website.

Thank you:)

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