Monday, September 26

fun with names and colors

We have been been having so much fun with names over here. We graphed the letters in our names. They had to rainbow write their names, cut, and glue their letters in order. Then we analyzed the data.

These two activities are from Deanna's fun with names math and literacy unit.

We also cheered our names. This was so much fun. We passed around a megaphone I got from Party City and cheered with our pom-poms. The megaphone and pom-pom instructions can be found on Julie Lee's blog. I added the words "Give me a" and "What's that spell?"

I wrote their name with a yellow marker and they add to trace with a pencil and glue on the sentence strips.

We've also been learning our colors. We covered the red bird with tissue paper. Then we added the red color song from Frog Street Press in our Poetry journal.

We painted our green frogs with food coloring using marshmallows. This came from Julie Lee.

We love rainbow hair!! We added it to our poetry journals and made the reader. The reader can be found on Deanna Jump's blog.

These last two are from my pocket chart unit and literacy stations unit.

We used fly eye to help us look at the pictures and learn new words.



Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know that I greatly admire your blog and I would like to give you the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you so much for sharing all of your ideas and inspiring me on a daily basis!


Carole Dujardin said...

I'm a french teacher in the North of France, and my pupil are 5 years old.
I try to learn them some english words and I find ideas on your blog.
Thank you !!
Carole Dujardin

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