Tuesday, October 25

Are you afraid of spiders? and something to do with those ghost erasers

We completed our first pie graph . . . "Are you afraid of spiders?" Surprisingly more kids are not afraid of spiders. Today I borrowed a pet tarantula and ha they were all silent and kept there distance. We talked about how the bigger pie slice shows more and the smaller pie slice shows less. Then we talked about the data. I have a recording sheet that they completed afterwards.

This and more can be found in my spider mini unit on TPT and Teachers Notebook.

Hop on over to Frogs, bees, & under the seas to grab my ghost measuring activity. You can also download this ghost measuring activity to use with those cute little ghost erasers. Just have your kids measure common supplies found in their pencil box.



Unknown said...

My co-teacher and I love the spiders tally marks worksheet and we'd love to do it with our 1st graders. Is there a blank copy we can have? Thanks!


Justin said...

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