Sunday, October 16

nouns and a noun town

For this activity I wrote sentences on sentence strips. We read the sentences aloud together and then they helped me find the nouns by adding a sticky note to the noun.

After you have taught your kids that a noun is a person/animal, place, or thing you can have them complete the noun tree map. Depending on their ability you can have them write or draw the noun. You could even have them cut out pictures from magazines and glue the pictures in the correct box.

Click below to download the noun tree map in English and Spanish.

We also made a noun town. I had lots of small white construction paper squares and let the kiddos draw their hearts out. They loved this activity and came up with some amazing nouns. I especially liked the things they drew for people to hold.

This idea is from First grader . . . at last!



Gladys said...

Thanks for sharing your tree map...I LOVE that it's also in Spanish...I've been making most of the activities for my kiddos...Spanish resources are very I'm thrilled that I found your cute tree map! Thanks!


Randi said...

Thank you for sharing this activity with a visual! I love this and I love that you use Thinking Maps like me!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing!! I'll definitely be using it with my little ones :)

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