Sunday, February 12

100th Day

We celebrated the 100th day of school a couple of weeks ago. We had a lot of fun celebrating all week long. We glued 100 gumballs to our gumball machine. Idea from Julie Lee. It is looking so cute in my classroom right now.

I made a huge ten frame on the carpet to help the kids make groups of ten.

The morning of the 100th day the kids had to crawl through the zero to enter the classroom!

We made fruit loop necklaces and neck ties

Each child brought in a 100 collection to share with the class. Then we displayed them around the school.

My 100th day of school unit is on SALE now at TpT



Jill said...

Everything is so colorful! I love it. It looks like your class had a GREAT 100th Day!!

Marvelous Multiagers!

Erica said...

I bet your cuties had a blast!


Unknown said...

I love the large 10 frame on the carpet. What a great idea!

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