Tuesday, February 21

Fat Tuesday and writng office

Here is my writing office I finally made for the writing station. It has been on the to do list for quite some time. The kids are loving it! In our stations we have a must do activity and can do activities.
When they finish their must do they can choose to write a story, letter, book, card, poem. list, or postcard. This is where I store all of the different types of papers.

Happy Fat Tuesday!
We celebrated today with beads, king cake, and these adorable little birdies.We didn't have time to do the writing prompt that goes with the birdies.

The Mardi Gras Birdies are from my Mardi Gras unit. It should be up tomorrow night!



laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Love the writing office!

First Grade Blue SKies

Mrs. Cupcake said...

I need to make a writing office, ASAP!! I'm in love!!

A Cupcake for the Teacher

Wolfelicious said...

Your writing office is great!!


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