Friday, May 27

Seahorses and how to writing

Only 4 more days left of school!!! Wishing today was our last day. Today we had a pirate party. We all dressed up like pirates, found out why pirates wore eye patches, had a treasure hunt for /ar/ words, and ate the yummiest and cutest pirate cupcakes. Thanks to Deanna Jump and Babbling Abby for all the fabulous ideas. I'll post pictures soon.
until then . . .
seahorse bubble map

They made seahorses using tissue paper and a glue and water mixture as paste. You can find this in Mrs. Jump's ocean unit.

Seahorse writing sample

We also made sand pudding. The kids loved it!
Interactive writing

How to make sand pudding writing sample

You can download this activity here! It makes a great end of year activity.



Katie Mense said...

Simply always!!!;) Thanks so much for sharing your sand pudding recipe and writing activity!! I ♥ it and will be using it next year with my ocean unit!!!
Little Warriors

Mrs. Coe said...

So cute! I love a cute seahorse!

Miss J said...

This is adorable!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Miss J
Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories

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