Thursday, April 21

Earth day!

We watched a Brain Pop Jr. video on recycling. You can watch it free here. Then we brainstormed ways to take care of the Earth.

They made an Earth and glued on the Earth day poem.
"No job is too big,
No action is too small,
For the care of the Earth,
Is the task of us all."

The Earth was followed with the writing prompt, "I can make the Earth glitter . . ." Happy Weekend!! Don't you just love long weekends!



S. Parker said...

This looks beautiful! I love the poem!

meadowt said...

I would love to do this with my students on Monday! Can you send me your writing response sheet?
Thanks for the great idea,

Dawn said...

This is so beautiful! Thanks for the post

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what was written on the heart?

Rose Garden said...

I absolutely love your idea! I'm going to do it with my students as we are studying the planets. We usually stick the planets on black card with plasticine but your idea is much, much better. Thank you very, very much for sharing.

Kind regards,


P.S. I am an English teacher in Spain.

Michele Gregory said...

I love this idea! Do you have a lesson plan you can send me for my class?

Jenny Lopez said...

I love your idea! I saw someone had asked about a lesson plan. I would love a copy. Thanks for sharing!

Justin said...

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