Tuesday, April 5

Farm unit pictures

Remember this center activity I posted? It turned out CUTE! It was a big hit today.


Another center activity. They had to write a fiction story about a cow that oinks. I am loving that this one says, “totally weird.”


Each day for shared writing we wrote about a different farm animal. Here are a few examples of what we did. The kids later used this, as well as the non-fiction books we read, as a resource for their own non-fiction writing.



Here is a page from the farm animal book we made. You can get the pattern from Mrs. Jump’s farm unit. IMG_1149

My kids are getting so good at solving story problems! Here is a page from our math journal. The story problems came from Mrs. Jump’s farm unit.


And what better way to wrap up a unit than with cupcakes.  And not just any cupcakes, cow cupcakes. Thankfully, I have super involved parents who will make me 2 dozen cupcakes on demand.


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