Monday, April 18

more zoo animals

Happy Monday!
Today we brainstormed animal adjectives. Then they compeleted the little rhyme below using an animal of their choice and two adjectives. This one says, "Fat lions, bad lions, we like you!" This activity is from Deanna Jump's zoo unit.
Friday we learned about lions. We created a bubble map with all our new learning. Then we made lions and wrote about lions.
I intoduced the monkey with the mystery box. They thought this was so cool and keep asking when we can use the mystery box again. The mystery box is from Babbling Abby over at The Inspired Apple. And my kids guessed the mystery.

More to come!



Meagan said...

I absolutely love this unit! :)

Also! You have lovely handwriting.

Angela Alexander said...

Uggghhhh! Why can't I write like that?! I LOVE your site, although I teach 3/4 year olds. BUT, I'll do my student teaching in January and hopefully I'll have kindergarten or first grade :)

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