Thursday, April 28

mental images: green giant

We created mental images using the poem "Green Giant" by Jack Prelutsky. They created some pretty cute green giants. I read the poem several times while they created their mental image.

Click here to download

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I hit up the Target dollar spot and found the perfect container to hold all of my pointers!


Country Mouse said...

Love your blog! Such wonderful ideas! My mom is a PREK teacher and I would love to make her these pointers. Can you please tell me how you safely attached the wooden pieces to the dowels? I have everything to make these. Thank you SO much.

Jessica said...

Just with hot glue. works well. Add some ribbon for a cute touch.

Beth said...

Where did you get the wooden pieces and the cute pieces to put on top??

CherEd said...

The activities were really great and educational! I can see that everybody has participated and enjoyed your classroom activity. Great job !

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StateOfLatex said...

Very cute!! I enjoy your blog! Students are lucky to have a teacher like you.

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