Wednesday, April 13

the zoo!

Introducing our new and improved morning message. Thanks to the talented Mrs. Jump for the inspiration. Phonics, sentence structure, conventions, review, and MANNERS. They get it all!

We made a circle map to organize all our new learning. And we learned a lot! The children used this and our books as a resource for their nonfiction writing.

This is how we organized our new learning for alligators. I gave each child a sticky note and they wrote one fact to share with the class. Then I read all the facts. They were able to come up and grap a sticky note to help them write their nonfiction writing.

We learned a big word, Nocturnal. I love that someone posted a fact using our big word. Such little smarties.
Don't you just love kinder invented spelling.

Here are some of the animals we have made so far. DARLING!

And some of our nonfiction writing . . .

We ate up all the cheese balls. Kinders love cheese balls! I used the container to make Mrs. Jump's a barrel of monkeys addition game.



Busy Bee said...

Very cute! Where did you get your patterns for the animals?

Jessica said...

The patterns are from Deanna Jump's zoo unit on TPT

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