Thursday, June 30

piggy bank

I just spent my evening buying alphabets from lettering delights. Did ya hear about their amazing sale, 50 cents each! I am in LOVE with them. Notice my fun alphabet below. I also updated my tooth tally chart using another alphabet.
In my calendar routine I like to make the amount of days in school with money. It helps us learn our coins and is great for mental math. Click below to download.


Wednesday, June 29

Tooth Tally and labels

Here is a simple way to keep up with all the teeth your little darlings lose throughout the year. I also included a chart with the months September through June. Click the picture below to download.
Going through my files, thought I would post my table labels. I have four tables. Each table has their own basket filled with books, play-doh, handwriting boards, and markers. This is also where they keep any work that still needs to be completed. This is their go to basket for when they finish work early. I also keep a small bucket for trash, and a separate container for pencils and crayons on their table. When we need lots of work space everything goes on the floor.

Wednesday, June 22

wish list

Just a few things . . . for now. {Click the pictures for their source}

I really want to wrap tulle around my teaching table, like this. While shopping in Forever 21 awhile back I saw this used for a display table.

I think this is such a cute way to store art supplies. Ikea has a good selection of glass containers.

I just inherited a unit like this one from a teacher retiring. I'm going to need fun fabric for this project and my word wall bulletin board. I also need lots of containers for organization. Once again Ikea will work.

Deanna Jump recently posted about these markers. She always has amazing posters so I'm going to have get some.  
Project PopperzĀ® Permanent Markers 4ct
To see what other teachers are wanting head on over to Really Roper.



Yea, my blog was nominated for Really Good Stuff's 2011 Really Good Classroom Blog Contest! So happy about this. Voting begins July 1st. You can vote below or on my sidebar.


Friday, June 17

left over crayons

I have a ton of broken dull crayons in the classroom. I think this will be super fun for the kiddos to use in the art station, or for rainbow writing.


my daily schedule

This is my daily schedule for the beginning of the year. I modeled it after Mrs. Jump's schedule. Seriously, how do you fit it all in? The days go too quickly.

What does your schedule look like? To see how other teachers schedule their day and share your own schedule link up here or here.


Thursday, June 16

summer reading list

I’m spending the summer with my husband in Anguilla. I miss my printer. I’ve been bookmarking all the fabulous pintables ya’ll have been creating. I am so excited for fall. I have so many ideas spinning around in my head. This summer I’m reading . . .


kindergarten crayons did an amazing job writing about chapter 4. She also included a ton of freebies. Can’t wait to use them in the classroom. I’m also excited to use Heidi songs in the classroom.
Until we’re allowed back in the school I’ll be busy on my computer creating activities to use in August. Scrappin doodles has the cutest back to school clip art.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Anguilla- boat trip around the island

Wednesday, June 8

wrapping up another school year

I loved my kinder class so much. I had the sweetest kids ever. I will miss them so much. I ended the school year with 24 kids. They grew and learned so much. I am so proud of them. The last day of school was a whirlwind of chaos and excitement. With just half a day we still managed to bust out these adorable creations.
Thanks to Peace, Love and Kindergarten for this idea. She also posted free instructions and patterns on her TpT store.
I am in love with this pool or ocean glyph. They turned out looking so cute! Thanks Deanna Jump for the awesome unit!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
While the kids were busy working I was busy packing up my room. This is what my room looks like now.
These shelves were packed full with years worth of supplies, books, you name it. Everything had to be removed for construction. That whole mess is now awaiting my return in August.
Someone asked me where I store all of my creations. I lay them flat on my kitchen table and hanging on a door.

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