Tuesday, January 31

February behavior calendar

Hard to believe tomorrow is February. Here is my February behavior calendar. Hope you can use it. Next months will be up much sooner.
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Sunday, January 29


This weekend has been such a good one for our family. My 3 month old niece has been in the hospital since she was 2 weeks old waiting for a new heart. Yesterday morning my sister got the news that a heart was available! Dahlia is out of surgery and her new little heart is beating strong.
I finished my wintery fun unit with my class and I am now ready to start teaching penguins. I have all my morning stations ready to go (this is different from my literacy and math stations). Here is a look at what we will be doing. My first and second grade friends from our after school program helped me out.

All of the activities below can be found in my slip and slide penguin unit on TPT.
ABC order
uppercase and lowercase letter matching
funny fiction writing prompts
(this is going to be in my writing station)
real and make-believe sorting
(recording sheet not seen)
matching the correct punctuation to the sentence
This could be used as a station activity or taught in a whole group. We are going to do it as a whole group.

a little rhyming with the -ig word family

Here is a little write the room freebie for you!
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Sunday, January 22

Dr. King

We learned so much about Martin Luther King last week. We watched a movie on BrainPoP about Martin Luther King. You can watch it here. My kids have been singing this song over and over and over again. They love it! Sung to the tune of he's got the whole world in his hands.

We charted all our new learning from the books we read and the movie we watched in the circle map. We also made TLC art. They turned out looking so good.

We did this writing activity last year. I had them write/illustrate about dreams in their heart to make the world a better place. I love this one. It says, "No drunk drivers."

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Thursday, January 19

The snowy day

During reader's workshop we used the book The Snowy Day to respond to literature. Here are some of the activities we did. We made text-to-self connections. They drew Peter in the snow and then they drew themselves in the snow. They loved this activity. You can find this in my Wintery Fun Unit on TPT.

The next day we made a story map. As I mapped out the story on our large story map, they got their clip boards and made their own story map along with me.

The story map is in my wintery fun unit.

Another day we sequenced Peter's snowy day and used the story map to retell the story. We first did it together so I could model what I expected them to do. Then, they got to make their own story map.

The title was downloaded from Kinder Gals.

We are about to start my penguin unit. I love reading Tacky the Penguin with my kids. Here is a Tacky tree map for you. Click to download.


Penguin unit posted

I just posted my penguin unit on TPT. If you love Tacky I have included some fun literacy activities. I will be posting the preview tomorrow. My brother drew the Tacky clip art and I am in love with how it turned out!

I'll be back tomorrow with some classroom updates and freebies!


Sunday, January 8

Wintery fun

From the time the bell rings to about 8:30 we do morning tub stations at our desks. This is my time for intervention and housekeeping. I have five tables so the activities rotate five times. Here are some of the things we worked on last week.
Counting by 2's

Winter clothing matching

sight word practice

All of the above station activities can be found in my Wintery fun unit.

We made a bubble map of things we see in the Winter and then made sentences. This is also a station activity. I cut the sentences up and had them build the sentences and match the picture cards. The already made words, pictures, and recording sheet are also in my Wintery fun unit.

Snow schema chart

Winter clothing circle map as a follow up to The Jacket I wear in the Snow (also in the unit).

The first day back from break we graphed what time we went to sleep on New Year's eve. I downloaded the fun title and party hats last year. It is from Brooke Perry at Primary Perspective.

Enjoy your week!

Monday, January 2

Wintery fun unit posted

I included activities for both The Snowy Day and The Jacket I Wear in the Snow. Here is a little preview.
*I just updated this unit so if you already bought it make sure to download it again.*


Sunday, January 1

January behavior calendar

The break went way too fast. I'm back to work tomorrow. Thankfully the kids don't come back until Tuesday. Here is my behavior calendar for the month of January. I love the behavior codes, not my own, but I did add a few extra. The behavior codes I used are from The Polka Dot Patch. I keep behavior calendars in our PIRATE binders and mark conduct with a matching colored happy or sad face.

I'm finishing up a wintery fun unit and a penguin unit. The wintery fun unit should be up tomorrow.

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