Thursday, March 20

hello spring

A lot has been happening over here. We have been busy and in need of a much deserved spring break. Here is a glimpse at some of the things we have been working on. In Texas it's rodeo time so we spent some time learning about cowboys and Texas.
Making text to text connections with Armadilly Chili and The Little Red Hen 
We made chili pepper patterns. I love this activity I got from April Larremore over at chalk talk.
We made this little cowboy craft followed up by the writing prompt, Every cowboy needs  . . . boots. The kids painted their boots using water colors.
We read Armadillo Rodeo and talked about the story elements.
In February we had fun learning about the Winter Games. We compared the summer games to the winter games.
Then we graphed which Olympic sport is your favorite and talked about the data. I passed out white boards and let the kids write along with me.
For writer's workshop we learned what a biography is and started writing Olympic athlete biographies. My kids loved writing about Gracie Gold.
We made a circle map of winter Olympic sports.
We brainstormed words that describe Olympians. We used this circle map to help write Olympian list poems.
Olympian list poem.
When we come back from spring break we are going to continue learning about weather and landforms.
This reader can be found in my landforms unit.
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