Monday, October 22

My five senses

We spent a lot of time exploring with our 5 senses. Here are few things we glued into our science journals. We sorted things that we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. I had the kids explain how sometimes we use all 5 senses.
Five senses tree map
I see rainbows.
I hear rain.
They each made their own tree map. They drew pictures of things they see, hear, etc.

Another activity was labeling the parts of our body we use to see, smell, taste, hear, and touch.

Then they practiced labeling on their own.
These activities and more are found in my five senses mini unit. click the cover to check it out.


Sunday, October 21

scarecrow directed drawing

I received many emails asking how I did this directed drawing activity with my class. So this year when I did it with my kiddos I snapped some pictures. Here are the steps. Fold your paper into thirds.
hat and brim
 face, eyes, and stitching
 nose and mouth
 shirt and overall straps
 overall bottoms, buttons, and pockets
 outline in black crayon and color
 The finished product!

Have your kids brainstorm what they would like to have scared away (bad dreams, snakes, nightmares, roaches, homework, monsters). Then have them complete the writing prompt, I scare away . . .
Here are some more activites we did to go along with this book




Monday, October 15

apples, apples

We wrapped up our apple study. Our first fall unit! I love this time of year. Here is a look at what we did with apples.
Poem in our poetry journal

Adjectives that describe apples. After we brainstormed words that describe apples we wrote list poems.
Apple brace map
We took apart an apple and listed the parts we found.
Apple labeling
Response to 10 apples up on top
We worked on creating and extending patterns
Here are a few apple activities from my apple unit I used in my morning tubs

Click below to view my apple unit

Thursday, October 11

Christopher Columbus

Here is a little Columbus day activity we did this week. I am in love with this adorable Columbus unit by Kim Adsit.
Columbus bubble map inspiration from Rachelle

Christopher the sailor craft

Here is what we did last year.

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