Sunday, January 11

matter and heat energy

This past week we learned all about matter and the three types of matter. We also learned what isn't made of matter. We learned that energy does not have mass or take up space. We learned how a solid is turned to a liquid when heat is applied.  Here are some of the books we read.

All of the activities that we did came from this unit.
We talked about how heat changes things by popping popcorn in an air popper. We observed the physical changes happening to the kernels. We recorded our observations with popping the popcorn in our science journals. We got to use all our senses for this one and the kids loved it!

 We made this anchor chart by April Larremore from Chalk Talk. We discussed how the object would change if heat were applied to it.
After reading Sneezy the Snowman we completed this reader's response sheet. They illustrated Sneezy before heat and Sneezy after heat.
 This melted snowman craft was super simple to make. We painted the paper white, let it dry, and then added the snowman pieces.

Our science word wall about heat and matter.
 One of our science anchor charts. The kids added a mini anchor chart to their science journal and illustrated the definition.
We learned lots of big words from all of the non fiction books that we read. We discussed how non fiction books have bold words and a glossary. We made a mini picture glossary of all the new words we learned.

On this foldable I had the kids draw an example of each type of matter.

We recorded all of our new information on heat in this mini book.

On this foldable we wrote the three types of heat and drew an example of each one.
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