Sunday, January 27

January happenings

Oh my it has been so long since I updated on all my classroom happenings. Can you believe January is almost over?
When we got back to school in January we started with this craftivity. We talked about new year resolutions and wrote what we wanted to do in the new year.

 Then we graphed what time everyone went to sleep on New Year's eve.
 We read The Mitten and graphed which character is your favorite.
 After reading The Mitten we completed the story map on this large mitten cut out.
We retold the story using my retelling rope, story props and a mitten. We discussed the setting, characters, what kicks off the story, the beginning, middle, end, and what ties up the story.
On to Martin Luther King . . .
We read Martin's Big Words and leaned about his life by watching a Brain Pop Jr. movie. Then I had the kids tell me words or phrases that described his life. They made this cute TLC style art projects and unscrambled the sentence, Dr. King had a very important dream.


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